USA Interns-Program

The German-American Internship Program was founded by the Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft e.V. and the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt. The Hessen Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts, our Sponsors, Partners are cooperating. Employers strengthen the transatlantic program and intercultural understanding by providing study-related internships to German and US students.

Established in 1999 - as the only non-profit initiative of its kind - participating students as well as companies providing this unique opportunity profit profoundly from on-the-job experience and the building of international leadership skills. Nothing may change a life's path like early experience. Our program, furthermore, assist the development of future global leaders by encouraging the students to do an internship (8 weeks to 6 months) with an American or a German host employer, resp.

For general information on application procedure see Ausschreibung Praktikum on the right of this page. 

For information on becoming a sponsoring partner, see sub-section Sponsoring and form in Download on the right of this page.

For detailed information on USA INTERTNS-Program see sub-sections of USA-INTERNS (click individual sections on the left of this page):

Sections explanations: APPLICATIONS with DOWNLOADS (for applicants, employers, universities); EMPLOYERS (general aspect); FELLOWSHIP (contacts between interns of previous years); INTERNS-FORUM (with personal reports of interns participants); PARTNERSHIP; SCHOLARSHIPS; SPONSORING (see form in Download); UNIVERSITIES (general aspects)

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