Who is eligible?

University students may apply for positions in business, science, politics, international relations, social services, the media, and the arts in both the profit and non-profit sector. As we cannot predict all companies and position available in the future, we recommend any intested student to apply.

What do you gain?

Selected candidates may expect a wide range of services:

  • Matching employers and candidates
  • Post-match coordination between employers and applicants
  • Information for German work permit waiver and US visa. NB: There is no guarantee for any kind of visa.
  • Orientation seminar: intercultural workshop, official reception and ceremony
  • Point of contact for participants before, during, and after their internship
  • Assistance in writing a professional cover letter and resume

How does an internship work?

The potential employer receives the profiles of matching students that show their academic record, work experience and language skills according to their business requirements. Selected students will be involved in the daily routine of each department unless both sides agree on special arrangements.

Payment, if any, must be arranged for before any further plans may be made. A € 250 administration fee is due with the program application. A € 250 cancellation fee applies only if a student serves less then ¾ of his/her internship.

Due to the gov't regulations, students should apply preferrably six to eight months prior to their intended internship.

Deadline for Summer internship: between October and December the year before

Deadline for Fall/Winter internship: between January and March

For further details please check Download Forms.

Where do I apply?

First, please, get in touch with Juliane Adameit, D.E.A., at, call +49 (0) 69 - 71 44 86 09 or fax +49 (0) 69 13 10 873. You may also apply at the USA-Interns Program office at your university if a program partner is available.

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